Monday, 14 August 2017

How to Edit WordPress Theme Functions.php File Through Cpanel

Recently when i was trying to redirect contact form page to thank you page, i followed some code online and edited Functions.php File in WordPress with the suggested code. Guess what happened? i only see a blank page wherever i click, can’t access the login even website shows white blank page.

Thought of editing throguth CPANEL then got the solution for my problem. Just let you know, whatever you are uploading and editing on you’re WordPress dashboard is automatically saved on you’re Cpanel. If you are in the same conditon, all you need to do is get the function.php in Cpanel and edit the code you added. Who doesnt have much knowledge on cpanel then follow below screen shots to do this.

Log into Cpanel by this link - replace yourwebsite name in it and click on File Manager.

Then the following dialogue box will open and select the website which you want to edit

Now click on wp- content folder

Then Click on themes folder and find the theme you are currently using and open it

Here you will find a functions.php file, either you can edit the file and remove the code what you placed recently then save or upload another copy

Done - Problem Solved 

Monday, 29 May 2017

Hidden Twitter Advanced Search operators, Twitter Search Operators

Have you used twitter operators to search on twitter? if not then find below the hidden operators which makes your search easy

Go to the Twitter Search page to use this operators