Monday, 7 February 2011

15 Ways To Get Backlinks, Top Best Ways To Get Back Links

Write articles and submit them to the top article directories
Web Directories Submission - Submit your website to web directories
Link Exchange With Other Webmasters
Join and participate in forums - That Allow You To Have A Signature
Visit and Leave Comments On Related Blogs
Buy Links
Social Bookmarking And Social Networking
Build A Network Of Websites And Interlink Them
Post to content hubs
Link within your site
Profile links
RSS Feeds
Add Information To Wikipedia
Create awesome link-worthy content or linkbait
Yahoo Answers

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Link Bait, What is Link Bait, Creating Effective LInk Bait

Link bait refers content, online tools, downloads, or anything else on a website that encourages links from other websites. Straightforward meaning of link baiting is encouraging others to link to your website. Link bait is important because most search engines use back links as a major factor in determining ranking.

No other way can bring you more incoming links than compelling content. Write great content that people would like to read and recommend to their own visitors. Now, what makes your content compelling for your linkbaiting efforts?

Write unique posts: Choose topics that other people wouldn’t like to touch and do it wisely. If you are making a claim or a counter-claim then back it up with substantiated data. People will link to you even if you become the laughing stock but then that is not a long-term strategy.

Make people think: Posts that force you to think and that tickle your intellectual buds get linked to a lot.
Use striking images. The image of the post can help to visualize the topic you're writing about and give an article a vivid, fresh look.

Write posts that are relevant today: This could be anything: politics, sports, science and technology, war or natural disasters. If your posts talks about the current state of affairs and if you do that in your unique style people will put your link on their blogs and websites.

Publish quality links consistently: You don’t need to write long, analytical posts all the time. Other people are constantly writing stuff you can link to. If you expect people to link to your interesting posts and then you too should link to interesting posts appearing on other blogs. This gives you an opportunity to be versatile and voice your opinion on what other people say.
Make it easier to link to you. In every post provide a short, precise description and/or summary of the article.