Friday, 12 August 2011

Free Classifieds Sites Without Registration | Post Your Ads in India Local Free Classifieds

Learn Classifieds Posting | How to Post Classified Ad | How to Start SEO for Website

In the part of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) classified posting is the easiest way to improve your site traffic and back links. Classifieds allow you to enter address and contact details for your business.

Submitting your ad into Free Local Classifieds – Follow these steps

First prepare classified document which includes

1. Title, Description and list of Keywords
2. Contact details which includes full address of your business, pin code and phone numbers
3. Email including site name (If no site you can use any mail)
4. And URL of home page (Some classifieds allowed deep links also)

How to Post Classified ad

By searching the keyword like “free classifieds list” in search engine you will get plenty of classifieds in net from that Select particular classified, some classifieds will ask you registration some are not

Sign up in classified after registering your account you will receive a confirmation link from classified you have to click on the link for conformation

Choose appropriate category which suits for your business, choosing the right category will improve more impressions for your ad

After choosing category click on the tab “Post Free Classified” submit information in all fields and click on Button “Submit Ad” or “Post Ad”

Finished posting ad now you can manage your ads through the classifieds dash board there are three options for you ad: View, Edit and Delete

View: - To view your ad in online how it appears

Edit: - While submitting your ad if you did any mistake you can edit and resubmit your ad

Delete: - To delete your ad (Ex: You submitted a product and it was sold then you can delete your ad)

If your ad duration is completed then you can see another option it’s called Repost through that you can resubmit your ad again